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About High Point Gamer
High Point Gamer is Central Florida’s premiere host of quality gaming tournaments, events and scholarships.
Gaming Tournaments

We host competitive gaming tournaments for competitive gamers.

Gaming Events

We host quality gaming events and help organizations add gaming to their events.

Gaming Scholarships

We hold school based tournaments that help gamers fund their continued education.

Gamer Management

We help gamers monetize their gaming skills and enhance their brand.

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We can add gaming to your next event.


We handle the planning invovled with producing a gaming tournament or event.


We handle the graphic design work needed to announce your gaming event.


We handle the setup of the gaming stations needed to conduct a gaming event.


We provide the staff needed to direct and monitor a gaming tournament or event.

Gamers wanted

Which do you play?

We help brands connect with and engage gamers.

We lead the production of gaming centric events for brands and organizations.

This allows brands to receive the benefits of connecting with gamers, but without the needed work. We provide the expertise, gaming stations, marketing materials and event staff.

what Gamers says

I was excited to use my 2k skills to win a scholarship.

PS4 Gamer

Putting my gaming skills to the test at your tournament was fun.

PS4 Gamer

HPG gave me great tips on how to monetize my gaming time.

PS4 Gamer

HPG puts on well organized tournaments with great competition. I haven't missed one yet.

PS4 Gamer

It's easy to say you are the best entering a HPG tournament is putting those words into action baby.

XBOX Gamer

Entering a HPG tournament and walking away with the money, trophy and respect feels GREAT!

PS4 Gamer


What We Do

We help gamers monetize their gaming lifestyle.

There is more to gaming than just picking up the stix. We help gamers maximize their gaming lifestyle, through mentorship, brand enhancement and consulting.

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What we do

We help organizations use gaming to fundraise.

Are you tired of using the same old fundraising tactics? A gaming tournament is a great way to fundraise for your organization.

Host A Fundraiser Tournament

We create designs and technology

We help brands & organizations connect with gamers.

You can add gaming to your next event or fundraiser. We provide the gaming stations, marketing materials and event staff.

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