OCT 28

Entry Fee



32 Slots




Tournament type: Bracket - Single Elimination • Players per Match: 1v1

You may use any of the 32 NFL teams from the 2018 Madden Roster (injuries on). No special teams, created players, custom playbooks or custom players will be used (All Madden, Canton Greats, etc.)

Once you pick a team for the tournament, it will be logged and you must ride with that team the entire time. If two people are playing with the same team, we will flip a coin for Home/Away colors.

Seeding for the tournament will be done by the tournament directors and are final.  We will try to have the bracket available to view the day of the tournament.

Equipment: Controllers will be provided, feel free to bring your own controller or headset.

Complaints: If during the tournament you feel your opponent is cheating or a Serious Infraction has been committed against you then put the game on pause, stand up and call over a tournament director. The tournament director will assist you in addressing the issue. If it is determined that you are cheating to gain an edge your game will be forfeited and you will be escorted off the premises.

21 PT MERCY RULE: There is a (21- 0) point mercy rule up to Championship Game! If either player has a 21 – 0 lead the game is ended when the player who is losing is given a chance to score and doesn’t. This is to speed up the tournament and not sit there and witness 50- 0 Embarrassing Blow outs.

NO TEAM TAKE OVERS: Nobody is allowed to pass their team or spot in the tournament to another person for any reason. If that person can’t finish their game, it will be forfeited and the person they are playing or due to play in that bracket gets awarded the win and moves on.

VIEW: Our tournament default view is MADDEN or CLASSIC View. Each player can agree to one particular view before the game but that view must remain the same all the way throughout the game. If players cannot agree to a particular view then players will flip a coin to decide view.

DOWN LINEMAN / RECEIVER: Down Lineman must be viewable on the screen before the snap of the ball and you can’t have a receiver playing as a tight end.

SCREEN TOGGLING: No excessive screen toggling will be allowed during snap of ball or before a FG or punt. Abuse of this rule will result in use of time out or in case of FG situation re-kick. If you feel this rule is being abused put the game on pause and call over a tournament official. If you allow the snap of the ball you live with the outcome. No player is permitted
to pause the game if there is a field goal or punt in progress. Anyone who does so must use a time-out to allow the kick to proceed properly. Kicking and punt blocking has been a constant issue with Madden players in past years and will continued to be looked upon under a magnified glass.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Can only be made Before the Kickoff / Halftime / If a Timeout is Called

ONSIDE KICKING / HALF TIME: You can’t come out of the gate with an onside kick. It can only be done in the 4th Qtr and you must be down by at least a touchdown. Half-time will last 5 minutes unless both players agree to start the game sooner.

WEATHER: Random weather is on during tournament play until the Championship Game.

COACHING: No one will be allowed to assist any player with decisions during a game. Anyone who does so will be pointed toward the front door.

Coin Flip will determine who gets to play at home


  • Skill Level: All Madden
  • Quarters: 5 Minutes
  • Injuries: On
  • Fatigue: On
  • Accelerated Clock: Off 
  • Madden Challenge: On
  • Penalties: On
  • Injuries: On
  • All Meters: Middle
  • Easy Play: Off
  • Fair Play: Off
  • Auto Replays: Off
  • Fair Play: Off
  • Assist: Off

Audibles, Depth Chart, Substitutions – Players have exactly 2 min before the game to do these things and it will be timed.

If game settings are found to be wrong during a game, it will be corrected and the game will proceed.

In the Event the game ends in a tie Sudden Death will be played until a winner is determined.

** We (Tournament Directors) reserve the right to add additional rules at anytime during the tournament just in case something was left out. If you don’t like the rules then don’t play in the tournament because we will not hold up a game because you want to argue.

Disclaimer:  HIGHPOINTGAMER is using their gaming equipment to be for this event. ANY AND ALL DAMAGE CAUSED BY YOU WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION, AND REIMBURSEMENT FOR THE DAMAGED PROPERTY.  By playing in this tournament you agree to all of the rules and terms.

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