Nov 14, 2015

Entry Fee



for 18+up



Game Rules

Here are all the rules & regulations for this game.

Game-Play Settings

  • Skill: Hall of Fame
  • 3 minute quarters (Championship game 5 minute quarters)
  • Injuries: On
  • Fatigue: On
  • Time/Score Display: On
  • No speciality teams
  • Camera: 2k Camera

Picking Teams

Players are allowed to use multiple teams throughout the tournament as they please. Players using the same team to play against each other is permitted.


Players are only allowed to pause the game if their team is in possession of the ball.


If a player does not show for the game or forfeits during the game, he/she loses the game with the maximum score of 3-0.

General Rules

Coin flip for home court advantage

Controllers provided

1v1 Single elimination

All Scores are final

Spectators may view the matches of players but are prohibited from interfering with active players. Players who are knocked out of the tournament are allowed and encouraged to watch the remainder of the tournament, but must not interfere with active players.

Competitive Gaming
For Elite Players